Project outline:  Recovery into work for service users with mental health issues.

Latest news in 2018

Now that the E-Plus project in Hounslow has drawn to a close, we have prepared an evaluation report on all that was achieved.  The report is available here for download as a pdf.

News early in 2017

The E-Plus project is well underway in Hounslow, with potential funding from the DWP through to June 2017.  We only get paid for results, but we have already claimed for all the project starts (interviews of participants to check their suitability and getting their agreement to the programme) and soft outcomes (for them to attend two workshops on consecutive weeks).  We then assign a mentor and look for a work placement for the Service User.

We are now looking at the possibilities of continuing the project in the Hounslow area, or providing a generic template that others could use with their local authority.

News early in 2016

The E-Plus project is getting underway in Hounslow, with a Go-Live date of 22 February!
We have secured funding from DWP, and expect to have Service Users referred to us from Job Centre Plus for the project. We are still in need of Mentors, to help with the expected volume of participants on this scheme. so if you are empathetic and willing to spend an hour or so a week to offer support while a Service User undertakes a work placement, PLEASE contact us via the website for an application form and details of the role.

News late in 2015

The E-Plus project is underway in Hounslow, but we are still in negotiation over funding.  Whether we are successful with that or not, the project will go ahead, as we have Service Users waiting for the scheme.  What we need are MENTORS!  These should be empathetic people, understanding of the needs of those recovering from mental health issues, willing to spend an hour or so a week to offer support while the Service User undertakes a work placement. Usually this covers a period of about 6-9 months; expenses will be paid and a rewarding relationship should result.  Contact us via the website for an application form and details of the role.

News from Mid 2015

We have started planning for the next E-Plus project in Hounslow.  After a successful introductory meeting on 1 July we are forging ahead.  It was recognised that this project will fill a gap in the provision for service users.  We are working alongside key stakeholders and collaborating with and complimenting the work of WLMHT, the Job Centre Plus, and Hounslow Borough Council.  An application for funding for up to 36 service users to be offered the project is underway.  It is hoped that about 50% of these will complete their placement and move on to further work search or into sustainable employment.

News from End 2014 / Early 2015

As the pilot project comes to a close in Richmond, and we evaluate achievements and feedback, this can be deemed a success.  The aim was to support 20 service users into placements with employers - there have actually been 17 participants in the scheme, although some were referred elsewhere.  Those that have been, or still are, on placements generally have positive feedback, both of their experience and from their employers and mentors.  A meeting to present an evaluation of the pilot project will be held on 23 January.

News from Mid 2014

We have a number of service users going through the scheme and being placed with employers.  There are regular meetings with the mentors and with KAG, to ensure that the placements are being found and progressing well.

News from Early 2014

The BIG news is that, in partnership with KAG, we were given an ‘Awards for All’ grant of £10,000, from the Big Lottery Fund!  We are also now ready with two publicity leaflets (one aimed at employers and one for service users), with forms for completion to register initial interest in EPlus: Recovery into Work.

Update over summer 2013

We have been working hard to get the EPlus: Recovery into Work project under way, since the kick-off meeting on 1st May. We have covered a lot of ground even though we are a bit behind our original schedule, but meanwhile KAG has applied to ‘Awards for All’ for £10,000, to fund part of this initiative which we hope will be successful. We have produced two publicity leaflets (one aimed at employers and one for service users), ready for printing, with forms for completion to register initial interest.  We have also compiled a letter to be sent to employers who have previously been involved in work experience schemes for school leavers as they may consider taking part in the pilot scheme for EPlus: Recovery into Work.

Beginnings of a new project in early 2013

Under the working title of "Recovery into Work", the idea for a new project to be tackled by Phoenix2 was about helping mental health patients return to the community.  Initially based in Richmond, working with MIND, the area NHS trust, Rotary club and local schools, the idea is to devise a 'work-experience' recovery scheme for mental health patients, once stabilised, as a stepping stone to reintegration in the community.  This is envisaged as a mentoring scheme, for return to employment, that could be used as a pilot that could be readily repeated elsewhere.